I have a new job to do. This is my first week as the managing editor of LUMAT journal. It is really exiting to learn about science journal publishing, because I have been working 5 years in the textbook industry.

OJS HTML article figure problem

We are expanding our publishing formats. Currently we are offering papers only in PDF format, but the goal is to offer HTML articles too in the near future.

I thought that this will be an easy task. LUMAT is published via Open Journal Systems 3.X.X. The software itself is magnificent. I had never guess that adding figures into HTML galley would be difficult.


The actual solution is easy. The problem was that there is no good instructions available. It took me 2 hours to figure this out without instructions. So for the common good, here are the instructions for all who needs OJS HTML figure support.

  1. Prepare your HTML article like a normal HTML page.
  2. Make sure that HTML galley plugin is installed in OJS.
  3. Add a HTML document from production sheet, Galley Label is HTML.
  4. Download you images into HTML galley via this button (1).
  5. Images will be visible in your html page if the name of the image (2) matches with the tag: <img src="figure1.jpg"...
  6. Style your article via CSS file and download it in the same place than images. Call it using the same logic than in the image example above.

Problem solved!