Chemistry Teacher Education

This is the research focus that I will be concentrating for the next few years. Some interesting research topics are:

  • professional development of future chemistry teachers
  • what is the balance between content knowledge and pedagogical skills
  • collaborative design-based research approach for developing chemistry teacher training in general.

Technology in Chemistry Education

Technology is essential in chemistry education. Chemical information is communicated through models and visualisations which produced via technology. Our SECO group has been working in the cutting edge on chemistry educational technology research since 2001.

Highlight: Molecular Modelling

Educational molecular modelling has been one of our research groups main interest since the beginning. During the years we have been developed software and published numerous articles e.g. Aksela & Lundell (2008) in Chemistry Education Research & Practice (

One of our latest work is a textbook that sums up a decade of our research and open source software development. It contains theory and 22 exercises for chemistry teachers. We use it on undergraduate level course book in our university.